how to learn quran online

Top 10 websites for online Quran learning

how to learn quran onlineBeing Muslim it is obligatory upon us to learn Quran in Arabic with its meaning in our native language. Also we should learn its message in explanatory text to fully understand the Quran. For this purpose first of all we have to learn Quran in Arabic if our mother tongue is any other language. If we live in an Islamic country we can learn our Holy Book by going to nearby Madressah while in some schools this facility is also available. But Muslims who live in a country where non-Muslims are in majority they have to face problem to make their kids learn Holy Quran. Institutions that offer Quran teaching service in such countries are quite limited. People cannot go to them easily because of long distances. However, after the popularity of online offers of every product and service it does not remain a problem and now people living in any part of the country can get Quran education through online. Following are the top 10 websites (not in any particular order) that offer online Quran teachings.

  1. Online Quran Teaching
  2. Quran Teaching 
  3. Quran Teachers Online 
  4. Al-Quran Study
  5. Quran Teaching Online 
  6. E Quran School 
  7. E Quran Institute
  8. Quran Interactive 
  9. Al-Quran Teacher Online 
  10. Teaching Quran Online 

How to select online resource to learn Quran

The above websites are not mentioned in any particular order and you have to choose one of them according to your affordability because all of them have different fee structure. Though Quran is same for all sects but if you are very particular about your sect you can confirm them about their sect before choosing one of them. In addition to above you must check the following things before selecting the best online Quran teaching facility.

  • Physical address of the website with correct numbers
  • Contact number which you can confirm also by dialing to it
  • Online presence of the management/owners of the website
  • Social media accounts of the website including what they share and how they interact
  • Reference of your selected website on any other site
  • Any direct reference from any of your friends or family if possible

Things to remember

Most of the above websites also offer a trial package of online Quran teaching. After getting satisfied with any of them even then you should not pay the fee in bulk and insist upon paying monthly fee. Most of them do not insist upon fee in lump sum. Secondly you should also check the progress of your kids to assess the quality of service to either continue it further.

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