facts about marriage in Islam

Top 5 facts about marriage in Islam

facts about marriage in IslamIt is wrongly assumed that in Islam that the wife has fewer rights than husband. It is also misconceived that the wife has to remain like a slave of her husband. This is absolutely wrong perception about marriage in Islam. It is the most modern religion of the world that assures equal rights to both husband and wife. Here we are telling you the top 5 facts about marriage in Islam.

Significance of consent in marriage in Islam

There is no use of force in case of both bride and bridegroom to make them spouse of each other. Bridegroom is allowed to not only see his would-be groom and even talk with her to get clear about her personality. Similarly bride has the right if she does not want to marry any specific person she can tell her dislike to her parents. It is upto the parents if they feel she has firm reason to reject any proposer they can accept the wish of their daughter.

No restriction for any financial deal

There is no restriction on any type of financial deal in marriage in Islam. In case spouse decides for separation after marriage on certain valid reasons in this situation bridegroom has to pay an amount to bride at the time of divorce. It is considered better that bridegroom pay this amount at the beginning of their marriage contract. How much this amount should be? There is no restriction for that. Yes a smaller amount is appreciated that reflect the trust between spouses that both want to continue the marriage contract and not worry about the volume of this amount.

Dowry neither prohibited nor must in marriage in Islam

In Islam asking dowry from the parents of bride by the family of bridegroom is strictly prohibited and is termed as the act of evil. However, if family of bridegroom wants to give to their daughter a huge dowry by their own will it is not prohibited in Islam. If family of bridegroom has to give dowry to their daughter because of the demand of groom’s family they dislike it. But they have to do it.

Both spouses have the right to get separated

This is a misconception about marriage in Islam that only bridegroom can divorce the bride and latter has no right to take decision of separation if she wants to finish the marriage contract. Bride has also equal rights to get the divorce through court or with the interference of elders.

Wife not bound to stay at home

In Islam financial responsibility of the family is the sole job of husband. If the husband can’t perform his responsibility in this case the wife can also share his burden with her skills and education. Even if the husband is fully performing his financial responsibility in that case too the wife with the permission of her husband can do a job or business staying within the teachings of Islam to raise the standard of living of her family. There is no such restriction on woman in Islam to just become a housewife. Yes it is considered good if a woman opt to stay at home and make excellent grooming of her kids who ultimately have to become an important member of the society.

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