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Top 5 home-made low calories drinks

low calories drinksA low calorie drink can be defined as a drink which has a lower amount of calories as compared to normal drinks. Low calories drinks are the drinks which the people who are on diets are suggested to drink. Low calorie drinks are the ideal drinks for the people who do not want to gain weight because the calories that low calorie drinks contain can easily be burned off by simple processes such as a little walking or a little bit of jogging. Low calories drinks are extremely advantages for a person’s health because where they provide the same taste as a drink which is quite rich in calories they do not at all trouble the body too much and contain extremely low amounts of calories. Low calories drinks must have fresh ingredients depending on what the person who wants to have the drink prefers.

Why are homemade low calorie drinks better?

It is no mystery that homemade low calorie drinks are better than the ones available in the market. Why is that so? Well, first of all, homemade low calorie drinks are made in front of a person’s eyes, meaning that they can easily monitor what ingredients they include and what ingredients they don’t include. In addition, when a person creates low calories drinks at home, they make it a point to use the healthiest and freshest ingredients they have. However, that is not something that the people who make low calorie drinks in the market make sure of.

Top 5 homemade low calories drinks

Many people wonder which of the many homemade low calorie drinks are the best. Well, the following are the top 5 homemade low calories drinks:


The mojito is a drink that is known around the world for its healthiness, which is all thanks to its ingredients. By far, the typical mojito has the least amount of calories as compared to all other homemade low calorie drinks. The mojito is a drink is also a popular choice but it must be non-alcoholic. Do check it before buying.

Watermelon Martini

Out of the many types of martinis in existence, the watermelon martini is the one which contains the lowest amount of calories. In addition, watermelon martinis are as tasty as a martini can be.

Orange-ginger Margarita

The spicy and fizzy orange-ginger margarita does not only possess the capability of thrilling one’s taste buds but also contains an extremely low amount of calories.

Cherry Bourbon Fizz

Packed with as much bourbon and as much fizz as a person can handle, the typical Cherry Bourbon fizz is definitely a sweet taste of heaven. In addition, the typical Cherry Bourbon fizz also contains an extremely low amount of calories, making it an extremely healthy homemade drink.

Skinny Colada

Skinny Colada, a drink which can be prepared using milk, definitely deserves to be on this list because of the extremely low amount of calories which the average serving of this drink contains.

What do you think are the top 5 homemade low calorie drinks?

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