Lebanese food recipes

Top 5 Lebanese food recipes you can easily make at home

Lebanese food recipes Lebanese foods are the foods which have either originated from or are extremely popular in the country of Lebanon. Lebanese food recipes, on the other hand, are the recipes for the foods which have either originated from Lebanon or are extremely popular in the country.

What are Lebanese foods famous for?

Lebanese foods are extremely popular in the entire world. Many wonder why Lebanese foods are so popular in not only the middle east but in the entire world. Well first of all, like most of the other foods which originate from or are extremely popular in the Middle East, Lebanese foods are full of flavor. Most Lebanese foods offer plenty of flavors blended into one neat, clean and delicious dish. Secondly, the aroma of Lebanese food is something that can definitely switch a person’s appetite on. In addition, the spices which are used in the making of Lebanese foods are simply to die for, which is the reason why the entire world craves Lebanese foods and is simply willing to do anything to obtain recipes to Lebanese foods.

Top 5 Lebanese foods which a person can easily prepare at home

Many people want to create Lebanese foods by themselves but fail to do so because most Lebanese foods are not easy to make if a person does not know a lot about them. However, there are some Lebanese food recipes which a person can easily prepare at home. The following are the top 5 Lebanese foods which can be easily prepare at home:

Shish Tawook

Shish Tawook is one of the most popular Lebanese food recipes and is also recognized as the national food of Lebanon. Shish Tawook is a chicken dish which features barbequed pieces of chicken being served with garlic paste, fries and pita bread.

Grilled Halloumi

Grilled Halloumi is an extremely popular an easy to prepare Lebanese food. Grilled Halloumi is basically a type of cheese which is grilled. These slabs of chewy and cheesy goodness are made from goat and sheep milk. Unlike most other types of cheeses, the cheese which is used to create Grilled Halloumi is made without using any bacteria or acid.

Shish Kebabs

Recognized as the most popular street dish of Lebanon, Shish Kebabs is extremely easy to prepare. The dish tastes best when prepared from the meat of a young spring lamb. Shish Kebabs are mostly served on skewers with a dressing of onions and garlic, along with salads which mostly include tomatoes and cucumbers.


Prepare using Nabusi cheese, Knafeh is a sweet delicacy in Lebanon and is extremely easy to make. Knafeh is a cheesecake which comes in a number of different flavors. The dish is recognized as the best dessert to have originated from the country of Lebanon.


Shawarma is one of the most renowned and famous street dishes of Lebanon. Shawarma is extremely delicious and quite easy to prepare as it can be easily prepared at home. Shawarma is mostly served with a salad consisting of onions and tomatoes.

What do you think are the top 5 Lebanese foods which a person can easily prepare at home?

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