5 producitive activities to do in Ramadan

Top 5 productive activities you can enjoy while fasting

5 producitive activities to do in RamadanIn the holy month of Ramadan there are general feelings that owing to physical weakness one should take rest after doing necessary chores. This is a wrong approach. Even in fasting after doing necessary work like household work or job and doing all obligatory and important worships you can avail your time with several productive activities.

Here are top 5 productive activities you can do while fasting to utilize your every minute during the holy month of Ramadan.

Learn something new

Usually office timings in Muslim countries are slashed during Ramadan. You can avail that slashed amount of time to learn a new subject. It can be a new language or any other skill. With the internet it is no more difficult to learn something on do-it-yourself (DIY) basis. For this purpose you should recall what you wanted to learn in your school or college life and try that with the help of a video tutorial or a guidebook which is usually easily available on internet for free.

Read your favorite voluminous book

We buy several books which we like most but can’t read them because of our busy life. In Ramadan we can spare sometime for reading such book. So just see your bookmarked books on your browser or in any saved list of your favorite books and complete it during this month of blessings and piety.

Learn by heart a few lengthy Surahs

The main reason of our going stereotyped in offering five-time prayers is that we repeat same Surahs in our prayers daily. That is why we become very habitual of them and never think on their meaning and background. Therefore you can learn by heart a few lengthy Surahs during this month to make your prayers more effective during whole year.

Basic fiqah

This is another one of the important productive activities you can do. Just write top 100 questions regarding your daily life including personal and professional both. Find their Islamic answers with the help of any Islamic scholar or through the internet to clear your confusion about them. In this way you will learn basic fiqah of Islam.

Complete any pending work

We have several pending assignments. We don’t have time to accomplish them owing to many other heavy engagements. Such work may be correction of wrong data about our property, our personal info or something like that. In poor countries such work takes long time to be done because of the poor administrative system over there. So in this month we can spare time to clear such pending work easily.

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