why to follow Islam

Top 5 reasons why we must follow Islam

why to follow IslamMuslims don’t apply reasoning to follow Islam and just obey its teachings because from childhood we are taught to obey its orders. We never think if a non-Muslim asks us why we follow Islam what would be our answer. Would we refer to any verse from Holy Quran to convince him? How a person with no belief on the holy book can accept reasoning from it. Therefore, we must have logical reasons to act according to the Islamic teachings. Here are top 5 reasons for it.

Without religion what is next

If someone believes nothing lies in the hereafter and whatever in this world is all we have and nothing else, he lives in fool’s paradise. How he spends his life. Just focusing on the material being? Whatever he sees he believes in it. As a result there would be no worth for him of ethics, values, relationship, love and all such intangible things which he cannot see. What would be difference between him and an animal? Just of two legs? So being a human being we must have to have an objective beyond this life. This belief keeps us struggling in this life to be victor in life hereafter.

Personal liberty varies person to person

Many people argue that whatever they think right is their religion. If this rule is followed it means total number of religions in this world would be equal to total number of people living in this world. It is because this is also the demand
of personal liberty that one may coin his religion as he wants. It will become so messy to let everyone coin his own religion. Therefore, there must be a uniform and consensus religion that not only grants personal liberty to a limit, but tells us where the personal liberty of another person starts. In this there would be uniformity in the way of living of a huge number of people as far as religion is concerned.

Either reply or be convinced

There is a huge group of people that is of the view that mysteries of this universe are yet to be explored. As soon as this task is finished then they would be able to decide about the life hereafter. Since then they demand to let them spend the life as they want to spend it. But the problem is that such people have been in every era which means they have taken the time from the beginning of this world to date but are not able to say anything about the creation of this world with certainty. There are several assumptions and hypotheses but nothing is with proof.

On the other hand, in Islam its believers are fully convinced that this world is created by Allah and we have to move from this life to a life hereafter to account for whatever we had done here. Therefore, one should either tell us the concrete proof of the creations of this universe or be convinced of our argument that Allah is the creator of everything.

Guide fully not partially

Another school of thought believes in some major actions to be guided by religion while the rest should be done by one as he wants. This is a faulty approach because logic demands either to fully follow someone or fully un-follow. Religion in piecemeal is nothing but a laughing stock. It is Islam that is compete way of life and offers solution of our every problem buts must be adopted fully.

Purity differentiates human beings from animals

It is the nature of man that it remains comfortable in the state of purity both physical and mental. In secularism and atheism there is undue stress upon health and hygiene but there is no binding force to make people follow purity. Fear of sickness is not that much powerful to make one’s inner self pure and clean. It is Islam that binds one to remain pure and clean to keep praying and worshiping Allah to seek His pleasure for success in both the worlds.

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