tips to increase your obedience to Allah

Two tips to remain obedient to Allah

tips to increase your obedience to AllahYou must have read several times a sentence somewhere around you that “ALLAH IS WATCHING YOU”. How many times have we thought about its real meaning? Most of the time we just see the power of this sentence and admit it as a candid truth but we rarely think about its literal meaning. It’s a big warning to us. It does not mean we are sinners and someone wants to warn us. It means how much of time we spend to seek blessings of Allah and how much to just satisfy our self. These two tips will make you remain obedient to Allah.

Cost and benefit analysis

Let’s try to understand this fact with a worldly theory that is called cost and benefit analysis. In this world you see for your every work how much it costs you and how much benefit you get from it. Being a Muslim we should apply this technique in our whole life. We must not divide our life into two parts; one is worldly and one is religious. If we do so it means we are challenging the basic philosophy of Islam. Our religion asks us to be fully engaged in this world but with a heart fully filled with the recital (zikr) of Allah. It is not bravery to stay away from this world and remain a pious Muslim. The test of our piousness starts when we live among people. So while living in this colorful world it is so difficult to be watchful of this sentence, Allah is watching us. If we keep this in mind we remain obedient to Him and think several times before doing an activity of no use. For this we just have to see how much that activity would cost us and how much benefit we will derive from it. Displeasure of Allah is the cost we can never afford because any activity against His orders is a catastrophe for us.

This world is nothing but an illusion

We engross in the worldly affairs so much so that we mistakenly believe in this world and forget hereafter. Its reasons are two;

  • We keep on setting goals over goals for worldly achievements
  • We set a benchmark for worldly success in isolation

As a result we first think about completing our education, then getting a job, then making marriage and so on and so forth. Our desires never end but our life ends eventually. We cannot defer death. But we can easily defer our desires. So we should do the work which we can do. Secondly, we set purely a worldly benchmark for success and forget that this is not the eternal success. For this we should read the success stories of pious Muslims of our Islamic history and make them our ideal to follow their lifestyle while living in this modern world. So these are the two tips to make you remain obedient to Allah. Do you have some more tips; please share them with us in comments section below.

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