Shaytan and technology

Warning; shaytan will exploit technology more and more against you

Shaytan and technologySatan has took it upon himself to distract Muslims from worshipping Allah, distort their beliefs regarding Islam, make them drift away from the Almighty Allah and fill their hearts and minds with wrong thoughts and doubts. Satan has become the enemy of the Muslim Ummah, which is the reason why Allah, through the Holy Quran, and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) have told Muslims to make sure that they do not give into the thoughts and confusions that Satan implants in our minds and have made it perfectly clear that Satan is our enemy and is an entity whose intentions regarding the Muslim Ummah are pure evil.

Why is technology prone to being exploited by Shaytan?

Almost all Muslims and Muslim scholars believe that technology is the manifestation of Satan in material form. Why is technology prone to being exploited by Shaytan? Well, Satan has vowed to use whatever means necessary in order to make sure that he disrupts Muslims’ worship as much as he possibly can. Since technology is something that distracts Muslims’ attentions from worship and Islam to itself, Satan can easily harness the power of technology, exploit it and use it against us. As stated in the Holy Quran, Satan is quite powerful and we will need a lot of will power in order to overpower Satan when he tries to whisper wrong beliefs and wrong thoughts into our minds. Since Satan is considerably powerful, exploiting technology is not much of a big deal for him. In fact, in a way, Satan has already exploited technology and has begun the operation of corrupting the Muslim Ummah through mediums that include televisions, computer and the internet, among many others.

How does Shaytan exploit technology and use it against us?

How Shaytan exploits technology and uses it against us is quite simple. Shaytan has already made the preparations for the corruption of the Muslim Ummah and the preparations can be witnessed in the form of technological mediums that include computers, mobile phones, telephones, the internet and televisions, among many more. What Shaytan does is that he exploits technology and uses it to divert our attention towards acts that have been forbidden by Allah or do not please Allah at all. Shaytan has exploited technology and used it against us to the very limit. However, there still seems to be some extent to which Shaytan has not yet exploited technology. Considering the condition of the Muslim Ummah after Shaytan exploited only a portion of the technology that he can exploit and used against us, it will be disastrous if he is allowed to exploit the remaining portion.

How to avoid Shaytan’s exploitation of technology and his antics?

The sole way through which a person can avoid the antics of Shaytan and his exploitation of technology is by worshipping Allah and by becoming as close to Allah as possible. Allah is the only entity in existence that can help us overpower Shaytan, which is the sole reason why we must take refuge in the shelters that Allah provides us with and ask him for his eternal protection.

What do you think about Shaytan exploiting technology and using it against Muslims?

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