muslim festivals

What are Muslim holidays?

muslim festivalsMuslim holidays mean the days that followers of Islam spend them with religious solemnity. These are not all celebrations. A few of them are little grievous. On all such occasions Muslims remain at home, attend their religious congregations and spend time with family and friends. They cook special foods and on the occasions of joy, they wear new clothes and enjoy their holidays. However, on the days of gloom they mostly worship and pray to God for His blessings.

Muslim holidays are observed according to Islamic calendar that is quite different from the English calendar. Only number of months are same otherwise all the months have different nomenclature and different historical backgrounds.

Eid ul Fitre

This is a Muslim celebration that is observed for two days just after the end of the month of Ramadan in which Muslims fast for one month. Fasting is compulsory religious obligation in Islam that purifies the soul and body of its observer. A Muslim is not allowed to eat food, drink water or any other liquid during the fasting and it is preferred to worship as much time as possible during its time period that begins with the rising of sun and ends with its setting. Just after keeping 30 days fasting Muslims celebrate Eidul Fitre on 1st and 2nd of Shawal – the subsequent month.

Eidul Adha

The historical background of this day is very interesting. One of the prophets of Allah Hazarat Ibrahim was ordered by Allah some five thousand years ago to sacrifice his own son Hazrat Ismail on the name of Allah. He did not think for a minute and became ready to sacrifice his son. Allah liked his obedience so much so that He sent a sheep from the sky and ordered him to sacrifice it instead of his son. Since then on the same day Muslims sacrifice a halal animal to follow his way. This is done on 11th of Zul Hajj a month of great religious congregation Hajj.


This is the most grievous day for the Muslims. On this day the maternal grandson of Holy Prophet (PBUM), Hazrat Hussain was martyred by the cruel ruler of that time to save his own rule. This was happened on 10 of Moharram and this day is observed as a day of sadness all around the Islamic world.

Eid Milad

This is the day when Holy Prophet (PBUH) born fifteen hundred years ago.  A particular school of thought named the Barelwi Muslims observe this day as a day of blessings.

These are the Muslim holidays that are exercised in Islamic countries as public holidays. Where Muslims are not in majority in such countries the followers of Islam observe them on community basis and express their devotion for their days of religious significance.

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