what are main problems of Islamic world

What are the top 5 problems of Islamic world?

what are main problems of Islamic worldEverywhere in the Islamic world we see several problems at collective level. That is the reason we are still unable to show any Muslim country as an ideal Islamic estate. Some places the major problem is poverty while some other Islamic countries are affected by terrorism and extremism. A few countries are almost failed estates in the Islamic world due to one reason or the other. Overall there are five most serious problems the Islamic world is facing in most of the parts of this globe.


Islam is the most modern religion in the world. But its followers everywhere are not modern and lag a lot in latest global progress and development in every field. Its main reason is that most of the Muslims simply follow Islam verbally or they follow it practically just limited to religious rituals. They don’t know the real philosophy of Islam which earlier made its followers rule the world for consecutive eight hundred years.

Bad governance

Muslims around the world are still not on the same page for a system of government. Some Islamic countries favour democracy while a few others like to establish Caliphate system but they are themselves not clear about it. Many Muslim countries have been facing dictatorship in one form or the other because their people don’t have a say in government affairs and just a few foreign powers decide their fate by directly interfering in governing affairs of such countries.

Messy education system

This is another major problem of the Islamic world. There is dichotomy in their educational structure. They have separate religious education from the worldly education. As result those who acquire the former are completely unaware of the latter and vice versa. Subsequently most of the Muslim countries have separate institution of religious scholars that has nothing to do with modern education and technology. But religiously they have much power over the followers of Islam. They also get inspiration from religious scholars and modern educationalists both and can become a sandwich between these two education systems.

Lack of harmony

Everywhere Muslims are divided into various sects and groups. So much so that one group is not ready to listen to the other group. As a result there is polarization in Muslim society everywhere. Due to no consensus Muslims could not have stabilized themselves in any field and still busy in levelling charges against each other.


After the tragic incident of 9/11 no Muslim country is safe from its after-effects. After the twin tower collapse an uprising was witnessed in Muslims all over the world over the fact that why a charge of every act of terrorism is levelled against them. As a result vested interests of Islamic world fully exploited this grievance of Muslims and tried to divert their anger in shape of extremism towards the west. Subsequently extremism is replaced by terrorism and now almost every Islamic country is affected by this. But this is a candid reality that common Muslim neither likes terrorism nor ready to let anyone perpetrate on him. Overall Muslims are one of the most peace-loving nations of the world.

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