how is online money making in Islam

What is the true concept of online money making in Islam?

how is online money making in IslamIt is widely said that if you don’t have anything to do just become an advisor on online money making. If you have a little knowledge of computer and internet just start a blog on online money making topics and people will be keenly reading and subscribing to your website/blog. This niche has huge demand all around the world. Why? People want to earn money so they want all such resources which help them to achieve their goal. In this way online money making is one of the easiest sources of earning. Our Muslim brethren have mixed feelings about this topic. Some are actively engaged in doing this while some other just take it as greed and equal to blindly running after money.

The nature of online money making

If you earn money online with legitimate and Halal sources, you are allowed as long as you do not promote any unlawful acts or things. There is no barrier on becoming wealthy in Islam if you are doing this with legal means. It is one of the most convenient professions which you can follow while not leaving the comfort of your home. The only need is to check the source of this income and must check if there is any involvement of gambling, porn or interest (usury) in the venture where you are working online or if any of your online partners are connected with them.

Best source of income for Muslim housewives

In Islam women folk are asked to preferably stay at home if there is no need to go outside. In this sense online money making jobs are quite suitable for Muslim housewives if they want to share the burden of financial responsibility of their male counterparts. They don’t have to go outside and can do this job easily while staying at home.

Limit is must

If you have several options to earn through the internet, you must not forget about your other responsibilities, just to earn more and more and sacrificing your responsibilities is not good. No doubt being Muslim we are fully allowed to earn any amount of money to spend our life happily. But it does not mean we set money making as the sole purpose of our life. Being a true Muslim we have to stay in this world like a traveller and keep vigil eye for our eternal journey to heaven. So our main motive should be to make our life much comfortable so that we can obey all the teachings of Islam without any difficulty and get the pleasure of Allah.

No herd instinct

You should not jump into this profession just because several other people are making huge bucks with it. You need to evaluate your skills and aptitude and then decide should you join it or not. Simply convenience and more chances of success should not be the sole criteria to pick a profession. For this you must see will you enjoy that work for a longer period of time or not. If you think you are just following the herd instinct you should put aside the glaring success stories of money makers. You should explore a profession where money should not be a big matter for you.

So we can say that in Islam there is no restriction on online money making if it pertains to Halal business. Every Muslim has right to enhance his standard of living by making more money through legal means and make his life happy and prosperous to be more thankful to Allah.

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