When a Muslim Sneezes

When a Muslim sneezes he should follow certain mannerisms, as sneezing is considered as a blessing from Allah.

·         You should not look to restrain or prevent a sneeze as it is a healthy function, it cannot be done at will nor can it be easily suppressed.

·         When a Muslim sneezes he should turn his head away in a direction where it would not direct at anyone, or should cover his mouth and nose with the hand, handkerchief or tissue, this will capture the germs and reduce the noise, after which should ideally wash your hands.

·         As sneezing is a blessing from Allah, we should acknowledge this by showing gratitude to Him by saying: Al ham du lillah (Praise and thanks to Allah).

·         The people nearby who hear the praise should invoke a blessing on him by saying: Yar hamu ka Allah (May Allah have mercy on you), to which the person who sneezed should reply: Yah di kum Allah (May Allah guide you).

·         If a person forgets to praise Allah, people nearby should remind him kindly.

·         If a person is sneezing continuously, then to reply three times is ok.

As you can see the manner in which Islam teaches when a Muslim sneezes, takes in account personal hygiene, the surroundings, social etiquettes and praising Allah, it’s a win win situation. As you are gaining rewards by following the sunnah (way of the Prophet) and maintaining cleanliness and self respect. Also, it can act as a social involvement, if you were to sneeze with other Muslims around they would reply and that would be the ice breaker for a conversation.

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